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Spells are divided into subclasses according to their use. Enhancements, Protections, Attacks, Helpers, Curses, Outlaw, Other, and Special. The tables are divided into spell name, number of pages in the book (which is how much magic you need to obtain the spell from the witch) and a brief description of the spell.

Magic is obtained from the witch. Go to her with a sufficent magic stat and rings.
Some spells and abilities are only avaliable through other in-game means.


Name Pages Description
Flight 11 Flying
Invisibility 11 Invisible
Detect Invisible 11 See invisible thanes/monsters
Immolate 15 Flame Up
Regenerate 33 Regenerate endurance
Sizing 65 Grow/Shrink
Sight 150 Grants Sight
Berserk 1000 Go Berserk
Super Hero Wizard 1000 Allows you to kill the dragon
Morph 1024 Change into another thane/monster
Shapeshift 1500 Change Form

Note: There is some speculation that a berserk book may not exist in the new Grendel's Cave 2.0.

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Name Pages Description
Protection from Sapping 13 Protects against Strength Sapping Damage
Protection from Poison 13 Protects against Poison
Protection from Paralysis 13 Protects against Paralyzing Touch
Resist Magic Missle 15 Resistance to Magic Missle attacks
Protection from Stone Touch 21 Protects against Stoning Touch
Protection from Fire 25 Protects against Fire
Protection from Gas 29 Protects against Gas Breathing
Protect from Magic Missle 31 Protection against Magic Missles
Protection from Web 33 Protects against Spin Web
Stability 255 Protects against Quake
Concentration 512 Protects against Mind Damage
Meditation 1024 Protects against Ugliness
Protection from Magic 2000 Protects against Magic

Note: The Witch says there is a trick to getting Stability, Concentration, and Meditation.

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Name Pages Description
Paralyzing Touch 13 Paralyzes Opponent
Poison Damage 13 Poisons Opponent
Strength Sapping Damage 13 Saps Strength of Opponent
Sickening Damage 15 Sickens Opponent
Throw Fire Ball 15 Throws Fire Ball at Opponent
Stoning Touch 21 Turns Opponent to Stone
Gas Breathing 29 Belches Gas at Opponent
Quake 33 Stomps Opponents Magic/Spells
Siren Song 33 Sing Saps Opponent Stats
Spin Web 33 Enshrounds Opponent in Webs
Fire Breathing 97 Belches Fire at Opponents
Mind Damage 150 Hurts Opponents
Throw Lightning Bolt 193 Throws Lightning at Opponents
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Name Pages Description
Ally Trees 11 Allies a Tree
Conjure Water 17 Conjures a Water Elemental
Conjure Earth 21 Conjures an Earth Elemental
Conjure Wind 23 Conjures a Wind Elemental
Conjure Fire 33 Conjures a Fire Elemental
Monster Taming 65 Tames Hostile Monster
Writing * Allows you to write runestones

Note: The level required for writing varies based on the Kingdom type.

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Name Pages Description
Fire Kills n/a Fire attacks will kill you instantly
Light Sick n/a Fire/Sun chars your skin
Vulnerable to Elves n/a Elves will hit/kill you easier
Web Wounds n/a Webs will subtract from your endurance

Note: Thanes aren't the only ones with curses.

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Name Pages Description
Quick Bow 31 Allows rapid fire of Missle Weapons
Throw Boulders 31 Allows throwing of Boulders
Spelunking 33 Tells your current Location
Walk Through Walls 129 Pass through Walls
Teleport 161 Allows Teleporting
Ugliness 400 Makes your thane Ugly
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Name Pages Description
Spying 100 Allows you to see all of a thane's info/items
Thievery 1,000 Allows you to steal from shops
Pick Pocketing 10,000 Allows you to steal an item from a thane/monster

Note: There are some drawbacks to being an outlaw.

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With the expansion of Grendel's Cave, comes new spells and new uses.

Name Description
Chanting Allows you to chant at the wall
Cosmonaut Allows passage into Asgard
Fishing Allows you to fish
Horse Whispering Allows you to whisper to horses
Ice Walking Allows you to walk on the ice
Masonry Allows you to build a wall
Mist Walking Allows you to walk in the mist
Swimming Allows you to swim
Weaving Allows you to weave fishing line

Note: There are special ways to acquire these spells in-game. It's up to you to figure that one out.

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