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Amulets are an integral part in the new Grendel's Cave, just as they have always been.

We're not going to outline how to do the quests, that's where the fun of playing comes in. But as an informational site, we will include the benefits of the Amulets, and where they can be found.

Amulet Location Benefits
Earth World Amulet
Can make or fill holes in the cave
Fire World Amulet
Can create fires
Frost World Amulet
Allows sailing Hygelac's Ship
Ice World Amulet
Amulet that prevents death
Moon World Amulet
Can heal
Ore World Amulet
Can turn items gold
Ratatosk Alfheim World Amulet
Allows Traversing
Sea World Amulet
Allows Viking Sailor
Sun World Amulet
Can kill and destroy everything in a room or area
Valknut World Amulet
Allows Berserking, Bifrost Bridge passage
Yggadrasil Cosmic Amulet
Obtained from the White Witch by assembling World Amulets
Required to kill Grendel

Vanaheim Quest Items

Name Benefits
Brisingamen Can charm most monsters and thanes
Feather Cloak Allows hyper flying
Golden Boar Can block most weapons
Horn of Plenty Source of unlimited food and healing
Nerthus Star Used for Fishing, Weaving and Swimming

Other Quest Items

Sanctus Gradalis