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Rumble Rules

A. Starting a thane

  • You must subscribe to Grendel's Cave in order to participate in the rumble.
  • Premium thanes can NOT be used in the rumble.
  • Each player will create a new thane for the rumble. No one may use any thane created before the rumble unless they are the previous rumble champion. No exceptions! If you are caught using one you will be disqualified.
  • Players may only use what the base character starts with, example: I choose to use a human/troll as my species, therefore I may only use 10 coins (the starting amount given to a troll) and regeneration will be the only spell I can use.
  • Each player is allowed only 1 thane per rumble. You must check in with the Rumble Umpire in Witches-Hovel Chat with the name of the thane you will be using during the rumble. This must be done at least 30 minutes before the start of the rumble.
  • Vulgar or insulting thane names will not be allowed.
  • Thanes may not use invisibility, however you may be a thane that has invisibility, but that particular spell will not function.
  • Thanes using Ent's are only allowed to bring 1tree to the Rumble, any more than that is not allowed. Trees may be created during the Rumble.
  • All non mother troll species will be given a heal cup before the rumble

B. The Rumble

  • All participating thanes must meet in The Witches-Hovel chat 30 minutes before the Rumble, so the ref can determine how many players will be playing. Anyone arriving later than 20 minutes before the Rumble will NOT be allowed to play!
  • The Witches-Hovel chat will be the only official form of communication during the rumble. Make sure you can access the chat well before the rumble start time.
  • The time of the match will be announced on the Witches-Hovel Forums.

C. Check in Procedure

  • Thanes will check into the ref in chat before the rumble begins. This way we know who is present and who isn't. You will need to PM the referee with the thane name you will be using during the rumble.
  • All thanes that are finished checking in will be allowed to buy weapons and wait in the Countryside, until the Rumble start is announced
  • No talking in the kingdom before the rumble, a player will be warned once. If the player is caught saying something in the rumble kingdom before the rumble again, they will be removed from the rumble. Whispering is allowed. This is so the referee can moderate the kingdom
  • Cursing is NOT allowed until the start of the match!
  • Any thane who has not checked in and is present in the rumble kingdom will be killed on sight. No questions asked.

D. During the Rumble

  • The Rumble will start as soon as "May the Best Thane win" is announced by the referee. This will be announced in the Witches-Hovel Chat.
  • After a thane is killed all their items, weapons, rings, and armor are fair game, you may pick these up if you wish. You may not pick up corpses. These will be gathered by the ref during the rumble.
  • You may NOT go to the blacksmith and barn for items. All thanes are to stay in the countryside until the Rumble is over! Leaving the rumble to purchase items is considered cheating and is grounds for disqualification . To clarify, you may NOT leave the countryside for ANY reason once the rumble has begun.
  • The location of the Rumble will be in the countryside. All thanes are to report to there at the start time. All those who are not at the start location by the start time, will be eliminated from the rumble.
  • Anyone who is caught attacking before the start time will be immediately disqualified from the rumble.
  • Ents may only create trees once the rumble has started
  • Referees will be checking each thane to make sure thanes are not cheating.

E. Winning the Rumble

  • The last thane alive will be declared as the Rumble Champion and will be added to the Witches-Hovel Rumble Champion Gallery.
  • The Champion may keep what weapons he/she can carry (no more than one of an item) The Champion may NOT pick up any more rings once they are declared the winner. If this rule is broken the Champion will be forced to forfeit his/her title to the runner up.
  • The Champion will be allowed to keep their thane and compete in the next rumble with the same thane, they will also receive heal cups to regain health.
  • After 4 Rumble wins the Rumble Champion will retire and will be allowed to play at the Champion's Rumble when there is one.

Rumble Kingdom Information

  • Referee can kill all, can see all, and will do whatever possible to keep order
  • Rumble Kingdom only has: the blacksmith, and countryside (no cave, dragon, witch, or monsters)
  • Food and flower patch are located in the countryside
  • ALL weapons/armor are sold at the blacksmith
  • Once you die you die, however, you are allowed to stay in the game to watch, cheer/whisper, move, and inspect remaining thanes that are still alive. You may not create or awaken any thanes once you have died.
  • We reserve the right to modify the rules if any problems shall occur.