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Area - Open Sea

Open Sea Open Sea

Location: Open Sea

The Open Sea is a vast, ever-changing location, much like the cave. There are fierce monsters as well as many islands and locations to help you along the way.

Islands / Locations

Name Notes
This is the home island, containing Heorot Hall, the Hovel, Dragon's Lair, and Grendel's Cave.
Faroyar This area contains the mysterious Druid and the breathtaking Megalith.
Hjaltland This area contains the Rune Shop and a Blacksmith.
Hvitramannaland This area contains glaciers and a White Witch.
Muspelheim This area contains a world of fire.
Niflheim This area contains a world of ice and mist.
Norvasund This area contains the Cold, the Don River, and Vanaheim.
Skraelingland This area contains swamps and a mysterious Pyramid.
Snaeland This area contains the Snaedragon and a blistering Volcano.