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Runes and Runestones

Runes - Rune used for writing Rune Stones
Runestones - Rune Stone used for obtaining knowledge or passage

These are keys to finding new areas and information in game and are based on Ancient Futhark.

Note: The information that each Runestone reveals, is different for each kingdom.

Name Letter Rune Runestone
Fehu F F Fehu
Uruz U
Thurisaz th
Ansuz A
Raido R
Kenaz K
Gebo G
Wunjo W/V
Hagalaz H
Nauthiz N
Isa I
Jera J/Y
Eihwaz eo
Perth P
Algiz Z
Sowilo S
Tiwaz T
Berkano B
Ehwaz E
Mannaz M
Laguz L
Ingwaz ng
Othila O
Dagaz D
There are many mysteries in the game that these Runes and Runestones will help unfold